Why Do Different Forex Brokers Have Different Prices

For example i know some forex brokers that have prices when the ecn prices are 14000 and this broker 14004. As the name suggests no dealing desk ndd brokers do not pass their clients orders through a dealing desk.

Dealing Desk Vs No Dealing Desk Broker Types Forex

why do different forex brokers have different prices

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Why are buy and sell prices different.

Why do different forex brokers have different prices. By this way i can get benefit from market price differences between several brokers. Why does this happen. Forex market is complex and consists of multiple participants and liquidity providers.

Ive been demo ing with a couple of fx brokers. The nature of their business makes it difficult to charge spreads and thats why they will charge a small connection for connecting the various market participants together. Which broker represent the true close price.

This makes the spread is smaller. I notice on weekends when all the brokers are closed they have different prices for the same currency pair. This is essentially the difference in price between the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for an asset and the lowest price for which a seller is willing to sell it.

Ex us500 on is different on both of the brokers at the same time while the market is open is there any way to find out which one is correct. Have you read the section on brokers at the babypips school. Its the difference between the highest price someone has an open offer to buy for and the lowest price someone has an open offer to sell for.

Are you people know any market maker broker which is prices are different from general forex market. But it can be little bit different at different liquidity pro. Thank you for your help.

Ecn broker usually have higher deposit requirements than other types of brokers. The forex price is dynamicaly created by all participants across the world and so it is universal. The following table shows the difference between the different types of forex brokers.

Theres differences in spreads offered and the way different brokers work and make money that affect what you see on their charts. What youre talking about is called the spread. The seller will get the bid price and the buyer will pay the ask and the broker keeps the spread.

I have just recently started reading and trading using brokers and just wanna know why brokers have different peices to one another on the same instruments. Lets say that those prices were the same making the. Take note that different forex brokers have different risk management policies so make sure to check with your own broker regarding this.

What is a no dealing desk broker.

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