Do I Have To Wear Compression Stockings After Sclerotherapy

It really varies depending on physician. Compression hose one of the most important things my patients at sanova dermatology can do after their sclerotherapy treatment is to wear compression hose says dr.

What Are Compression Hose For

do i have to wear compression stockings after sclerotherapy

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Some physicians dont put patients in stockings at all while others have patients wear them for 3 weeks.

Do i have to wear compression stockings after sclerotherapy. Yes it is very important to wear thigh high compression stockings to get the best results after sclerotherapy treatment. I recommend wearing compression stockings for 48 hours after sclerotherapy. I usually recommend wearing them for 5 7 days after sclerotherapy if you can.

Wearing compression stockings the vein specialists at texas endovascular will provide unique recommendations for how long and how. Other options in addition to sclerotherapy at cosmetic laser dermatology in san diego we can improve your veins with laser treatments or phlebectomy surgery depending on the severity of your veins. In a 1999 medical study investigators found that compression enhanced the results of sclerotherapy treatment.

The purpose of stockings is to compress the veins in which solution is injected so there is a close contact between solution and the vein wall. Treatments like sclerotherapy radiofrequency ablation and laser ablation will have you in and out of the office in an hour and back on your feet before you know it. Wearing compression stockings after surgery is a vital part of a good successful recovery and assists in.

Compression is thought to enhance the efficacy of sclerotherapy by reducing the formation of postsclerotherapy thrombi as well as pigmentation and matting by minimizing inflammation and angiogenesis. Exactly how long you should wear compression stockings after your surgery seems to be based on each doctors opinion one thing they all agree on though is that you should definitely be wearing them. Compression helps to keep the veins reduced in size and the sclerosing solution in contact with the injected veins so as to get a better result.

I have always thought that the use of compression bandages or compression stockings is essential in the healing process after varicose vein treatment by ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy. Published on apr 24 2017. Compression stockings are an effective way to reduce symptoms and prevent the recurrence of venous disease.

Non invasive varicose vein procedures have come a long way in recent years. Of course you should also wear compression hosiery 24 hours a day 7 days a week after treatment showering in them and blow drying them afterward. If you are planning to have varicose or spider veins removed with the minimally invasive procedures available at texas endovascular there are a few things you can do to ensure recovery and the best outcome after your treatment including wearing compression socks.

10 however medical compression stockings 20 to 30 mm hg do not allow compression of the lower limb veins in the standing position.

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