How To Connect Amp To Stock Radio

Take the outer cover off your back speakers and connect the two ends of the speaker wire to the stock speakers. Using another of those 9 conductor cables youd connect from the radio harness to the amps speaker level inputs.

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how to connect amp to stock radio

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But repace the stock amplifier with a 5 channel amp.

How to connect amp to stock radio. Fortunately we have a way to make it a little easier. Strip and slit about 2 inches. Post by klirette mon jan 01 2007 402 am i just bought a 2006 f150 super crew cab and was wondering if it possible to hook up external amplifiers to the factory radio.

So i bought a kenwood amp speakers and a pre amp subwoofer to upgrade my sound system. This will involve disassembling your dashboard and. Behind the factory radio you can access all of the speaker wires in one place.

Adding an amplifier to a factory stereo often requires running a lot of new speaker wire from the stereo to the amplifier and then from the amp to the speakers. I would like to replace the factory speakers and add a sub but keep the factory radio so it will deter theives. Remove the radio to get to the factory wiring.

This article explains how to connect an amplifier to a factory stereo. These cables will act like a t harness to connect your amp to the factory system. Adding subwoofer to stock car radio.

Connecting aftermarket amp to stock radio. To run an amplifier i would need to catch the speaker wire after the stock amp to cut it off. You can connect speakers to an amp by wiring the amps output wires to the harness.

Is there adaptors i could by to connect everything without having to change the stock radio. But it seems the cable coming out the stock radio are totally different from what i got with my amp. Wiring a 2 or 4 channel amp to your stock speaker harness without cutting the factory.

Thanks for your help. How do i connect everything. How to install amp on stock head unit or factory radio with out opening the dash how to connect the power wires and speaker wire and run them to the drunk and send signal to the amp.

If youre installing a subwoofer in your vehicle youll need to wire up your audio system to the amplifier before connecting your subwoofer. The radios wiring harness delivers power to the radio and sends its output to the speakers. How to wire an amp to a sub and head unit.

This can feel like an impossible nightmare. To the amp then to my speakers. How to install a line output converter w stock radio speakers 4 aftermarket sub amp installation.

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